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Barrington a "Solarize" Community - Again!


The Town of Barrington, in partnership with the State of RI and SmartPower, has officially launched Solarize Barrington. Barrington has been selected as one of three communities for the fall 2017 round of Solarize Rhode Island.

When the Town participated in the fall 2015 campaign, more than 40 residents took advantage of the incentives offered through the Solarize program.

The signup period began on October 26th. To find out more, go to

Upcoming Event: Solar 101 Workshop

Dec. 13, 2017 from 6:30-8 p.m., Barringon Public Library, 281 County Road

Solarize Rhode Island seeks to expand the adoption of small-scale solar electricity in participating communities through a competitive tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more home and business owners sign contracts.

Residents in Barrington, as well as Bristol and South Kingstown, will have the opportunity to learn more at upcoming events and presentations.

The spring round of Solarize ended on October 6th. Cranston and Charlestown were successful in signing 121 contracts – over 758 kilowatts of installed capacity.

How Solarize Works

1. Find out if your home is good for solar by signing up.

2. Request a free no-obligation site visit.

3. Receive a quote from a participating solar installer.

4. Ask about $0 down financing.

5. Sign a contract, and enjoy solar savings for years to come.


Second Phase of Bay Spring Zoning Project Underway

Go to the Bay Spring Zoning Study website for all the latest information on the project.

The Town of Barrington is exploring options for amending zoning along the Bay Spring Avenue corridor. The Barrington Comprehensive Plan calls for action: "Further study is needed regarding . . . the potential to allow for a mix of small-scale, neighborhood-oriented uses and different types of housing in Bay Spring." The Town would like the corridor's zoning to better reflect the neighborhood's vision for the future, including both things that should stay the same and things that may change.

The first phase resulted in a new zoning district, Residence-Business Flex (RBF), that replaced the Neighborhood Business district on Bay Spring Avenue. The zone allows more flexibility for development within this district, including first-floor space that can be used as residential provided that it is designed to be readily converted to commercial in the future. In addition, two new uses are allowed in the zone - live-work units and artisan/maker space.

The second phase, which kicked off with a public workshop in late September, is evaluating the corridor more broadly, and will include recommendations for more flexible zoning to achieve the mix of uses desired by the Town and residents while reducing the number of non-conforming uses and lots.

In short, the Town wants to make it easier for the things we all want to see in the corridor actually happen.




Bulletin Board bulletin

Email to submit requests to list an upcoming event on Community Calendar


Opening a Business in Barrington page provides a step-by-step guide walking you through the Town approval process.

Reminder: Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance

Sec. 164-5 Removal required; enforcement; exceptions.

A. Generally. The owner, occupant or any person having the care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street, highway, square or public place within the Town where there is a sidewalk shall, by 6:00 in the afternoon on the day following any snowfall, cause such snow and/or ice to be removed from the sidewalk as well as areas surrounding any fire hydrants. This section shall also apply to the falling of snow and/or ice from any building.

NOTE: DO NOT use deicers (for example salt or ice melt) this winter on any of the new cement sidewalks constructed within the past year, on Maple Avenue, Cottage Street, Wood Avenue or West Street. Deicers can damage the surface. As an alternative, sand can be used for traction. Deicers can be used next winter, as the concrete will have had sufficient time to cure. Thank you for your cooperation.
B. Enforcement. If such snow and/or ice is not removed by 6:00 in the afternoon on the day following the snowfall, such owner, occupant or any person having the duty to care for the property shall pay a fine of $50, except that a warning may be issued for a first offense. The Police Department shall be charged with the duty of enforcement.
C. Hardship. Individuals who are physically incapable of removing the snow and/or ice or who lack financial means to pay for such removal may apply to the Director of the Department of Public Works for a hardship waiver from this article.


Barrington Public Schools Strategic Plan Focus Groups

All are welcome to participate in the Barrington Public Schools Strategic Plan Focus Groups. Part of developing our next strategic plan is to gather as much information as possible from our community. Your insight and feedback is an important part of developing our strategic goals.

Please view attachment


  • Emergency Preparation

  • Web Resources: - Functional Needs - Senior Citizen Preparedness

    RIEMA - Preparedness

    Barrington has two options for shelters.

    • In the case of a state-wide event, East Providence High School is the designated shelter for Barrington.

    • In a localized event, Primrose Hill Elementary School would be the designated shelter.

      • These would be announced over the local media outlets and the website. The Library is available as a warming shelter during their normal hours. Also, the Public safety Building has a generator and the lobby is always available for warming.

  • Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation Public Schools Revenue Bond Financing Program Revenue Bonds, Series 2017 C Please view attachment

  • Town Budget information available on the Finance Department page

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