Records of Early Barrington Families

The following are entries selected from "Abstracts of Bristal County, Ma. Probate Records,16871745, compiled by Peter Rounds,C. G.

Will of JOHN MARTIN of Swan.,Weaver,dtd. 28 Aug. 1711,prob. 6 Apr. 1713.
Wife Joana Martin. Sons : Melitiah,John,Ephraim, Manasseth & Ebenezer Martin.
Daus.:Joana & Judith (mentions four daughters but only two are named).
Witns.: John Bosworth, Jabez Bosworth & Philip Short.

Inv. of est. of JOHN MARTIN of Swan.,who died 21 Mar. 1712/13,dtd. 3 Apr. 1713, pres. by Mrs. Joana Martin, his widow & Son Ebenezer Martin,Execs.
Apprs.: Joseph Mason & John West.

Will of ISRAEL PECK of Swan. alias Barrington, Yeoman,being in the seventy-six year of my age, dtd. 8 Aug.1718,prob. 10 Oct. 1723. No wife mentioned. Only son Nathaniel Peck. Daus.: the wife (not named ) of Josiah Dean, Mary, wife of Ephraim May, Mehitabel Whitaker dcd. Grdau. Mehitabel dau. of my dau. Mehitabel. Chldn. (not named ) of my dau. Mehitabel dcd.
Mentions his lands in Barr. & Reho. Witns.: Zacaria Bicknell, Elisha May & John Cary.

Will of JOHN ALLEN of Swan.,Yeoman,dtd. 1 Jan. 1722/3,prob. 1 Nov. 1723.
Disposes of his est. Iin Barrington. John Fareweather,James Fareweather, Elizabeth Winslow & Christian Simson, chldn of my sister Elizabeth Fareweather of Boston dcd. Chldn (not named ) of "my Kinswoman Sarah Guin that was the wife of Thomas Guin of Boston deceased. The Church in Barr. called Elder Wheaton,s Church, formerly called Elder Luther,s Church. Daniel, Ebenezer, Samuel & Joseph Allen, sons of my brother Daniel Allen. James Addoms son of James Addoms of Barr. Sons (not named ) of my kinswoman Christian Peck dcd. James Bucklin, Joseph Bucklin,Sarah Bucklin,Isaac Bucklin & Lydia Barrow, chldn of my sister Deborah Bucklin. Nehemiah Allen & Deborah Hopkins,chldn, of my brother Isaac Allen dcd. Grndchldn. of my brother Isaac Allen dcd,namely his dau Bethiah,s two chldn. & his dau. Sarah,s one chld.
Kinswoman Deborah Cole, wife of Hugh Cole of Swan.; James Cole, son of Hugh Cole. Daus. of my Kinswoman Deborah Cole, namely Deborah Cole,Christian Kingsley, Mary Cole, Lidia Sisson, Bethiah Luther, Anna Cole & Hannah Cole. Kinsman Hugh Cole of Swan., House Carpenter, & Joseph Bucklin of Reho.,Yeoman,as execs along with my kinsman Ebenezer Allen of Barr. Witns.: Joseph Butterworth, Jonathan Kingsley & Benjamin Kingsley.

Acct. of Elisabeth Bosworth,Adm of the est. of her husband JOHN BOSWORTH of Barr.,dtd. 14 June 1724. Mentions expenses related to a posthumous child.

Inv. of est. of EBENEZER PECK of Barr.,dtd. 2 Oct. 1724,by Lt. Nathaniel Peck & Zacariah Bignel,Execs. Apprs.: Josiah Torrey,Nathaniel Peck & Joseph Allin.

Will of JONATHAN VIALL of Barr.,dtd. 24 Oct. 1724,prob. 4 jan. 1724/5. Wife Mercy. 4 sons: James,Jonathan, Constant & Joseph Viall. Dau. Elizabeth Viall (under 21). Lands in Barr. & Reho. Witns.: Ruth Stockbridge, Mathrew Allen & Josiah Torrey.

Appt. of Mrs. Elezebeth Brown as Adm. of Est. of her husband JAMES BROWN of Barr., Yeoman,dtd. 25 Mar. 1724/5.

Inv. of est. of JONATHAN VIALL of Barr. who died 2 Dec. 1724, dtd. 7 Jan. 1724/5,pres. by Mercy Viall,exec. Apprs.: Samuel Viall, Mathew Allen & Benjamin Viall. Mentions lands in Barr. & Reho.

Inv. of Est. of JAMES BROWN of Barr.,who died 21 Feb. 1724/5, dtd. 8 May 1725, pres. by Elezebeth brown , his wife and Adm. Apprs.: Samuel Brown,Thomas Dexter & Mathew Allen.

Order for div. of Est. of JOHN BOSWORTH of Barr.,dcd intestate,to and among his widow and chldn,dtd. 16 Feb. 1724/5

Div. of Est. of JOHN BOSWORTH of Barr. btwn. widow (not named) (now wife of James Thurber) & chldn.: Nathaniel (eldest son),John (2nd son),David (3rd son), Oliver (4th son),Elezebeth (eldest dau.) the wife of John Thomas, Mary Bosworth (2nd Dau.), Hannah Bosworth (3rd dau.),Lidiah Bosworth (4th dau.), Comm.: James Bowen, Samuel Hill, Joseph Peck, Robert Wheaten & Peter Hunt.

Inv. of Est. of JOSUA KENT of Barr.,Yeoman, who died 14 Aug.1725,dtd.13 Oct.1725,pres. by Mary Kent ,his widow and Adm. Mentions lands in Barr.,Swan. & Nor. Apprs.: William Salisbury,Elisha May & Edward Luther.

Acct. of Mary Kent widow and Adm. of est. of her husband JOSUA KENT of Barr.,ded intest.,dtd. 15 aug.1727.

Appt. of Mrs. Mary Kent of Barr. as guard. of Mary,Susannah,Hannah, and Lidia (all under 14),chldn. of JOSUA KENT of Barr., dtd. 17 Oct. 1727.

Appt. of Benjamin Cary of Brist. as guardian of Sarah Kent (over 14) ,dau. of JOSUA KENT of Barr.,dtd. 17 Oct.,1727.

Order to James Wheler & Edward Luther,Execs. of the Est. of EBENEZER MARTIN
of Barr.,dtd. 11 Oct. 1727.

Will of EBENEZER MARTIN of Barr., husbandman, "being very sick and weake in body,dtd. 9 Sept. 1727, prob. 17 Oct. 1727. Wife Abigail. Mentions "my sons and "my daughters (all under age) without naming any of them. My father, James Wheler & Edward Luther as Execs. Witns.: Ezra Ormsbee,Mary Kent & Richard Round.

Appt. of Elisha May of Barr. as Adm. of Est. of EPHRAIM MAY of Reho.,since his widow and Exec. Deliverance May is now dcd,dtd. 9 Jan. 1727/8.

Div. of Est. of Capt. SAMUEL LOW, of Barr., betw. his widow (not named ) and his chldn.: son Samuel Low, Dau. Rachel Dehane & Dau. Ann Malein,dtd. 19 Mar. 1727/8. Comm.: Samuel Humphrey,Nathaniel Peck,Samuel Kent, Elisha May & Joseph Mason,Jr.

Inv. of Est. of THOMAS REMINGTON of Barr.,dtd. 23 July 1729, pres by Mary Remington,widow &Adm. Apprs.:James Addams, John Read & Mathew Allen.

Appt. of Robert Watson, of Barr.,Brickmaker,as guardian of John & Sarah Watson (both over 14),chln. of (blank) WATSON of Mendon, county of Suffolk, dtd. 16 Dec. 1729.

Div. of Est. of JOSHUA KENT of Barr. btwn. his widow, Mary Kent & his chldn.: Sarah Kent (dau.),Mary Kent (dau.), Susannah Kent (dau.), Hannah Kent (dau.) & Lidiah Kent (dau.),dtd. 17 Mar. 1729/30. Mentions land in Norton,Ma., Swan., and Barr. Comm.:Elisha May,John Child, Jabez Bosworth,Robert Joles & Edward Luther.

Appt. of Nathaniel Peck of Barr.,Yeoman, as guard. of Naomi May & Bethiah May, daus. of EPHRAIM MAY of Reho.,dtd. 22 jan. 1730/1.

Appt. of John Read of Barr. ,Yeoman, as guard. of Rebecca Hunt (under 14),dau. of NATHANIEL HUNT of Reho.,dtd.22 Jan. 1730/1.

Will of JAMES VIAL of Barr.,dtd. 26 Jan.1730/1,prob. 18 May 1731. Wife Mary,son John Vial (under 21). Daus. :Mercy Vial (eldest), Mary Vial & Sarah Vial. Wife to be Exec. Witns.: Daniel Allen, Thomas Vial & Peleg Hatch.

Rcpt. by William Martin & Elesebeth Martin of Barr. for legacy from est. of her father HENRY SWEETING of Reho., paid by John Sweeting of Reho.,dtd. 17
May 1728

Inv. of Est. of EBENEZER MARTIN, late of Reho.,Yeoman, dtd. at Barr. 25 Oct. 1727,pres. 16 May 1732 by James Weler & Edward Luther,Execs. of Est. Apprs. : Elisha May,Samuel Kent & Ezra Ormsbee.

Acct. of James Weler & Edward Luther,Execs. of Est of EBENEZER MARTIN, late of Barr., 16 May 1732. Inc. legacies of household goods & money per will "to the widow.

Order to Hannah Vial,widow & Exec.of est. of JONATHAN VIAL of Barr.,dtd. 6 nov. 1732.

Will of JONATHAN VIAL of Barr.,Yeoman, dtd.24 Mar. 1732,prob. 6 Nov. 1732. Mother Mercy Vial, wife Hannah, wife to be Exec. Witns.: Samuel Vial, Terence Dunnelly & Samuel Howland.

Appt. of Isaac Brown of Barr.,to be chosen by Amos Brown (minor over 14), son of WILLIAM BROWN of Reho.,dtd.22 Feb. 1732/3.

Will of JAMES ADAMS of Barr.,Yeoman, dtd. 19 march 1732/3,prob. 18 sept. 1733. Wife included but not named, 3 sons: James,Ebenezer & John Adams. Daus.: Mary (no surname) & Sarah Tiffeney. Sons James,Ebenezer & John Adams to be execs. Witns.: Samuel Curtis, Samuel Humphrey & Mary Humphrey.

Will of OLIVER BROWN of Barr., Carpenter, being Sick and weak of body, dtd. 19 Dec.1733 (error?),prob. 15 Jan. 1733. Wife Sarah. Daus.: Rebecca Brown (under 18 ) and Anna Brown. " My father and mother Joyntly to Educate and bring up my afors. Dau. (Rebecca). Bequeaths to wife Sarah all of that "
which she stood possessed of before She became my wife. Witns. : John Aplin,Benjamin Brown & Hezekiah Brown.

Inv. of Est. of JAMES ADAMS of Barr.,dtd. 29 oct. 1733,pres. by James,Ebenezer & John Adams,sons and execs. Apprs. : Samuel Low, James Smith & Edward Bosworth.

Acct. of Mercy Viall, only surviving exec. of Est. of JONATHAN VIALL of Barr.,dtd. 20 Aug. 1734.

Appts. of Edward Luther of Barr. ,Yeoman, to be guard., as chosen by Hannah Kent,Susannah Kent & Lidiah Kent (minors over 14) ,daus. of JOSHUA KENT of Barr., dtd. 17 June 1735.

Appt. of Elizebeth Brown of Barr.,widow, to be guard. of Lidia Brown (under 14),dau. of JAMES BROWN of Barr.,dated 16 Dec. 1735.

Appt. of Esther Brown of Barr.,widow , to be Adm. of Est. of ISAAC BROWN of Barr. ded. intest.,dtd. 16 Dec. 1735.

Order for div. of Est. of JAMES BROWN of Barr. ,ded. intest.,dtd. 20 Dec. 1735.

Div. of Est. of JAMES BROWN of Barr, btwn. his unnamed widow and his chldn.: James Brown (eldest son),Elizebeth Adams (eldest dau.),Abijah Brown (2nd dau.),Lidia Brown (3rd dau.) & Michael Brown (youngest son),dtd. 15 jan. 1735/6. Comm.: Richard Harden, Robert Joles, Thomas Throope, Benjamin Bosworth and Jonathan Peck.

Inv. of Est. of ISAAC BROWN of Barr.,dtd. 8 March 1735/6 pres. by Esther Brown, widow & Adm. Apprs.: Benjamin Vial, Samuel Mason & Joseph Allen.

Appt. of Josiah Kent of Barr. ,Yeoman, to be Adm. of est. of his father,SAMUEL KENT of Barr.,dcd. intest.,the widow having refused Adm., dtd. 17 May 1737.

Inv. of Est. of ,SAMUEL KENT of Barr. dtd. 21 May 1737,pres. by Josiah Kent, son & Adm. Incl. a negro man,Peter, lands in Swan. & Barr. No apprs. listed.

Order to Rachel Allen of Barr.,widow & Exec. of her husb. SAMUEL ALLEN of Barr.,dtd. 13 nov. 1739.

Will of SAMUEL ALLEN of Barr., being Sick and Weak of body,dtd. 23 Feb. 1731/2, prob.13 nov. 1739. Wife Rachel. Brothers: Daniel Allen,Ebenezer Allen & Joseph Allen. Sister Mary Adams. Nephews Nathaniel Peck and Daniel Peck. Nephew Samuel Allen, son of my brother Joseph Allen. To the Reverend Peleg Heath,my beloved friend. Wife to be Exec. Witnes.:Joshua Bicknel,John Brailey, and Sarah Thrasher.

Appt. of JOSEPH ALLEN of Barr.,Gentleman, to be guard.,as chosen by his son, Samuel Allen (minor over 14), nephew of SAMUEL ALLEN of Barr.,dtd.18 Dec. 1739.

Inv. of Est. of ROBERT READ of Barr.,dtd, 28 Feb. 1739, pres. by William Read, Exec. Pers. est. (?) ; real est. 650-0-0. Apprs.: Mathew Allen, Josiah Humphrey & James Smith.

Declaration by Hannah Vial of Barr.,widow of JONATHAN VIAL of Barr.,that she sets free her negro slave servant named Henry Bridge, dtd. 2 May 1733. Witns.: Elizabeth Vial & Peleg Heath.

Order to Sarah Torrey of Barr.,widow & Exec. of est. of her husb. JOHN TORREY of Barr., dtd 17 Jan. 1740.

Will of JOHN TORREY of Barr., being very sick, dtd. 10 Dec. 1740 (?),prob. 20 Jan. 1740. Wife Sarah. Sons: Josiah, Wilson,Nathan, Jonathan & David Torrey. Daus.: Ann Torrey & Unice Torrey. Wife to be Exec. Witns,: James Adams, Ebenezer Adams & John Adams.

Order to Benjamin Brown,Yeoman, Exec. of Est. of his mother MARGARET BROWN of Barr.,dtd. 17 May 1842.

Will of MARGARET BROWN of Barr., Spinster,dtd. 6 Feb. 1733/4. Chldn. (not named) of my son James Brown dcd. Chldn. of my son William Brown (not named) dcd. Grson. William Carpenter. Chldn. (not named) of my son Isaac Brown dcd. Nathan son of my son Benjamin. My four daus.: Mary Angil, Ann Hill &
Mercy Carpenter. Son Benjamin to be Exec. Witns.: John Aplin, Hezikiah Brown & Charles Brown.

Acct. of Sarah Pope, " the late Sarah Torrey, Exec. of Est. of her late husband JOHN TORREY of Barr.,dtd. 29 Oct. 1742. Inc. Items : " Legacy given to the widow and to daughters by Will. Paym. to " Mrs. Sarah Chandler, formerly Mrs. Sarah Paine.

Appt. of Esther Brown of Barr.,widow,to be guard. of Thomas Brown and Mary Brown (both under 14),chldn. of ISAAC BROWN of Barr.,dtd. 15 Feb. 1742/3.

Appt. of James Brown of Barr., Yeoman, to be guard of Enoch Remington (minor over 14), son of THOMAS REMINGTON of Barr.,dtd. 15 Mar. 1742/3.

Acct. of Esther Brown, widow and Admin. of Est. of ISAAC BROWN of Barr.,dtd. 15 Feb. 1742/3.

Appt. of Hezekiah Brown of Barr.,Yeoman, to be guard. of Rebecca Brown (minor over 14),dau of OLIVER BROWN of Barr., dtd. 15 Feb. 1742.

Appt. of James Smith of Barr.,Yeoman, to be guard of Josiah Torrey (minor over 14),son of JOHN TORREY of Barr.,dtd. 20 Sept. 1743.

Acct. of Sarah Brown, widow and Exec. of Est. of OLIVER BROWN of Barr.,dtd. 15 May 1744. Mentions land sold to Jabiz Brown, Benjamin Brown & John Brown.. Inc. legacies to Hezekiah Brown, Jabiz Brown, John Brown, John Bullock & Ann Brown (dau. under 18).

Order to postpone one week proving of will of ELISHA MAY of Barr., requested by Elizabeth May & Benjamin May,widow & son of dcd. Elisha.

Will of ELISHA MAY of Barr.,Yeoman, dtd. 3 Mar. 1742/3. Wife Elizabeth. Sons: Elisha (eldest),Elijah (2nd son) & Benjamin May. Daus.: Sarah Allen (dcd.) & Ruth Burr. 5 grchdn. " which my dau. Sarah Allen Left " (all under 21), one of whom is Sarah Allen (under 18). mentions lands in Reho. & Barr. Son Elisha
May & "my son Simon Burr to be Execs.

Inv. of est. of ELISHA MAY of Barr.,Yeoman, dtd. 5 Nov. 1744, pres. by Elisha May & Simon Burr,Execs. Pers. Est. 252-14-3;real est. 1100-0-0. Apprs.: Peres Bradford, William Turner & Job Mason.

Will of JAMES SMITH of Barr.,Yeoman, dtd. 15 Jan. 1739/40, prob. 14 Jan. 1744. Wife Elizabeth. Sons: Ebenezer (eldest), Joshua & James Smith. Daus.: Leah Paine, Lydia Paine, Abigail Paine, Elizabeth Tiffany & Ruth Bicknal. Witns.: Thomas Kinnicut, Thomas Jolls & David Turner.

Appt. of Mathew Allen of Barr.,Gentleman, to be guard. of Mary Brown ( minor over 14), dau. of ISAAC BROWN of Barr., dtd. 8 Apr 1745.

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