Contact information for Town Hall, the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works Department, Library, Harbormaster, Senior Services, and the Community School can be found here.

Town Hall


Barrington Town Hall

283 County Road

Barrington, RI 02806

Fax: (401) 247-3765

E-mail and Phone:

Town Manager (1st Floor)

James J. Cunha, Town Manager

Jean Bellm, Executive Assistant

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 5

BAY Team (Lower Level)

Denise Alves

Kristen Westmoreland

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 6

Building and Zoning (2nd Floor)

Dennis Begin, Building Official / Zoning Officer

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 4

Nick Massed, Electrical Inspector

Phone: To reach Nick, call Caroline Joyce (see below)

Peter Withers, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector

Phone: To reach Peter, call Caroline Joyce (see below)

Caroline Joyce - Administrative Asst. - Building, Planning & Zoning

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 326

Clerk (1st Floor)

Meredith J. DeSisto, Town Clerk

Stephanie Bernardo, Clerk

Michele Cross, Clerk

Lisa Dias, Clerk

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 305

Finance (First Floor)

Kathy Raposa, Business and Finance Director

Ross Latham, Assistant Finance Director

Barbara Lee, Payroll Clerk

Karen Calitri, Tax Collection Clerk

Kristen King, Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 2

Human Resources (2nd Floor)

Mari-Ann Oliveira, Director

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 327

Planning & Economic Development (Mezzanine Level)

Philip Hervey, AICP, Town Planner

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 347

Debra Page-Trim, Economic Development Officer and Spencer Trust Administrator

  • Phone: (401) 247-1900 extension 365

Spencer Trust Administrator

  • Phone: (401) 247-1900 extension 365

Recreation (Lower Level)


Michele Geremia, Director, extension 9

Elizabeth Macera, Administrative Assistant, extension 9

Carole Villucci, Coordinator of Programs and Community Outreach - Carole Villucci

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 9

Tax Assessor (1st Floor)

Michael R. Minardi, Tax Assessor

Wendy Duarte, Junior Assessor's Clerk

Phone: (401) 247-1900, extension 3