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Prevention Coalition-BAY Team


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What is the BAY Team?


Video Series: Parenting IS Prevention

A series of videos created by parents for parents with children from pre-K to high school and beyond. Get the latest information and support for raising healthy, happy children in Barrington. These videos are short and to the point and cover a range of issues. Watch them all or check back as your children grow and develop and face new challenges and see new topics as they are added.

Parenting IS Prevention:

Transition to College Part 1: The College Search: Beyond the Academics

Transition to College Part 2: Navigating Freshman Year


Introduction to the Series with Martha Donovan. See what it’s all about: how does prevention fit into life-long successful development for our children

Vaping 101. Learn what you need to know about this emerging and dangerous new trend amongst youth

Ignite your Child’s Spark. Dena Davis talks about how to inspire your children to follow their passions and how this benefits their overall development and achievements

Developing Your Child’s Brain Part 1. Dr. Lilia Romero-Bosch talks about how substances damage the brain much like sports injuries do and what you can do now to protect your child’s developing brain.

Developing Your Child’s Brain Part 2. Hear Dr. Bosch’s responses to some of the most common questions she hears from parents.

What Your Pediatrician Knows About Your Child And Marijuana 

Your Child on Caffeine 

Stressed Out Youth - Part 1 (added 2-6-17)

What to Do About Stressed out Youth - Part 2 (added 2-6-17)

Early Expectations = Healthy Development (added 2-6-17)




Video Series: REACH Students with the BAY Team Video Series

  • This video series, created by the BAY Team, features Dena Davis and is based on the Search Institute’s research on holistic approaches and activities to strengthen academic motivation.

REACH Part 1 REACH Overview: Helping Children REACH Their Personal Best

REACH Part 2  Relationships: Helping Children Build Developmental Relationships

REACH Part 3 Effort: Helping Children Grow Their Brains

REACH Part 4 Aspirations: Helping Children Connect Their Present to their Future Selves

REACH Part 5 Cognition: Helping Children Learn Self-Control

REACH Part 6 Heart: Helping Children Find Their Sparks!

REACH resources from The Search Institute

Anchor Effort

Anchor Sparks

Core Values Assessment

Developmental - Relationships Framework

Mindset - Grow your Intelligence

Possible Self Planning form

REACH - Resources Overview

REACH - Relationships

SPARKS Questionnaire

Strengthen Developmental Relationships

WOOP Toolkit for Educators




The BAY Team Report: 2008-2018. 10 Years, 10,000 Volunteer Hours

Barrington Community Resources for assistance with mental health services - Attachment

East Bay Tobacco Youth Council Clears The Air of Tobacco - Attachment

National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens

National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens NIDA

Parent Tool Kit


How does Theatre help with youth development? Theatre makes kids better people

Monthly Tips: Useful prevention information for the community

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