The SAFE & The SERIOUS Program was created to target teen drivers and their passengers. The program will effectively reach thousands of students with very creative and innovative approaches to a very serious problem on our roadways today -- Reckless & Dangerous Drivers.

The program will try and counter the images that teens see on movies, TV and video games, with positive images of safe driving habits saving lives, not bad driving habits taking lives. The entertainment industry glorifies reckless behavior, and now advertising agencies use these same images to sell cars and trucks to the consumer. They post little disclaimers on the screen with cars leaping through the air or racing down the roadways. They promote speed and power, not quality. This is a dangerous approach to selling vehicles to teens.


The Buckle Up Coloring Poster Series

The SAFE & The SERIOUS Program, with the support of police departments, DOT offices and child safety advocates, can begin to reach out to these individuals at a time when we can introduce safe driving habits at an early age making them better drivers when they get older. Bright colored posters featuring cool cars, graphics and subtle traffic safety messages, combined with similar literature and teen related collateral items wherever they turn, is apt to have some positive effects on their behavior. Students that adopt this unique program in their schools can also encourage their friends to drive safely. Make it cool to make it safe, makes it easier for teens to accept. It's all about image and being cool with teens and their 20-something friends.

The SAFE & The SERIOUS is a JIM WEICHERDING Production. The namesake and images are copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office, Washington, D.C. Contact Jim @ 401-710-9094 for program items 2006/2007 school year.