Plat, Lot and Zoning information

See step-by-step directions, shown below, for retrieving Plat, Lot and Zoning information for Barrington land parcels. NOTE: Information provided on Town applications and forms MUST be vertified by Town officials.



1. Go to the Home page of the town's website at

2. Go to “Quick Links” in box with blue bar at far-right... then select “Assessor’s Database” at bottom or click HERE to go directly to page.

Barrington Home page

3. Select “Enter Database” button. or click HERE to go there directly.

Assessor's Database page

4. Enter Property Address... then select “Search Property” button.

Search Property records page

5. Select the appropriate Location “View” link for property details.

Property View Details page

6. See Plat and Lot at top-left in "Parcel Identification" boxed area.

7. See Zoning at bottom-right in "Land Information" boxed area.

Assessor's Database page