LED Streetlight Conversion Project


The Town of Barrington is in the process of retrofitting approximately 1,800 streetlights in town with LED fixtures with smart controls. The Town's contractor, Siemens, will be working throughout Barrington in November and December to complete the installation. The project will replace the existing fixtures, mostly consisting of high pressure sodium lights. The LEDs, which will use significantly less energy, are expected to last two to three times as long as the HPS lights, reducing maintenance costs and improving operations. The controls will allow the Town to remotely monitor system performance, including identifying light outages immediately, and vary light levels.

Siemens and CDM Smith have generated a map (see below) that is being updated as the conversion project progresses. Those lights that have not yet been converted lights are shown in yellow; lights that have been converted to LED are shown in blue.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Joe Piccerelli, DPW Director.